Offering Superior Products For Your Physical and Mental WellBeing

Vital PSP
(360 PSP Plus)

Improving Digestion
Enhancing Cellular Energy
Strengthening Muscles
Support the Immune System
And Much More


Tunguska Blast
Now Called
360 MAX10

Get a Good Nights Sleep
Boost Your Immune System

Manna 360 Shake All the Nutrition You Need In One Meal Replacement

Pure Energy Chews
A Powerful Energy Product With Healthy Ingredients And No Chemicals Or Preservatives

The human body is an amazing machine with an  extraordinary imm
une system that has the capability to heal itself.

Our philosophy at Food For Your Cells is simple: Give your body the proper nutrition it needs, eliminate the harmful effects of stress and clear out the toxins from your cells that are causing chronic dis-ease within the body.

Start your journey back on the road to wellness and bring your body to a state of balance by focusing on these three factors:

Nutrition     Detoxification      Stress

Experiencing emotional or physical stress causes an increase in heart rate, elevation of blood pressure, and release of stress hormones. It can cause damage to your heart, gain excess weight,
give you anxiety attacks and eventually lead to many other chronic diseases such as cancer.

Stress statistics effecting our society today:
  • 80 percent of all disease is caused or complicated by stress.
  • Workplace stress costs the nation more than $300 billion each year in health care, missed work and stress reduction efforts.
  • Stress is responsible for creating 60 percent of the cost of workplace accidents.
  • Research shows that 60 to 90 percent of doctor visits are stress-related.
  • Stress is responsible for 19 percent of employee absenteeism and 40 percent of employee turnover.
It's impossible to banish stress from your life altogether; the key is to know how to handle it when it occurs and to help your body maintain a state of balance so the effects of stress are minimized or are not there at all.
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